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Digital lead learners


The Digital Pencil Case

Every child needs a pencil case where they keep all their bits and pieces to help them learn – pens, rubbers, calculator etc. At a Victoria school we believe that these traditional pencil cases are very important, but in order to be a 21st century lead leader every child should have a Digital Pencil Case as well. We will ensure that every child has access to a one-to-one device that allows them 24/7 connectivity 365 days a year. Included in their digital pencil case will be innovative software such as the Microsoft Learning Suite and a range of Apps to support their learning.

By blending their learning children will have access to iPads, netbooks, laptops, green screens, iMacs and PCs as well as the more traditional methods. We teach our children to be lead learners and to be able to ‘Digiflex’ by choosing how best to learn. By ‘flipping’ the classroom we can ensure that the learning of new content is completed at home using their digital pencil case and then extended and challenged in school.


Victoria Park Academy was selected by Microsoft and RM to pilot the national Shape the Future initiative. Microsoft sent a film crew to spend a day at the academy and made a short video that you can watch below.

You can find out more by visiting the Microsoft case study website or at RM Education.

We are pleased to be associated with such an innovative and successful school… — Microsoft