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Our Partners

Victoria Academies Trust is working with a number of acclaimed partners both locally and nationally to ensure our learners receive a world-class education. By working collaboratively with industry experts we can ensure that we continue to innovate the curriculum.

In 2012 we launched our innovative Members’ and Partners’ Scheme that includes a number of local partners.

Our two main partners are Creative Alliance and the Real Ideas Organisation. Both partners are leading the field nationally in high-quality arts and creativity provision.

All our schools will also enjoy membership of the Whole Education NetworkSSAT and Schools of Tomorrow.

In addition we enjoy excellent links with local universities including Birmingham, Keele, Warwick and Wolverhampton.



Creative Alliance: developing creative talent.

We are the leading independent learning provider within the creative and cultural sector in the Midlands. Our purpose is to enable talent to get into and get on in the creative and cultural industries.

We do this through providing:

1. creative careers education and employability skills programmes;

2. creative apprenticeships and traineeships;

3. creative business start up support.

We ensure that all our services are relevant, appropriate and credible to those who we work with:

  • Every type of creative and cultural organisation / business;
  • Schools, colleges and universities;
  • Public sector agencies with a responsibility for developing learning and skills in this sector.

We are able to this because creative professionals design, develop and deliver all our services.

This means:

  • We understand how creative people think and how creative businesses work.
  • We understand how people learn.
  • We understand the nature of quality in this sector.

The core team is complimented by our networks of experienced artists and creative professionals working collaboratively to develop, support and train creative talent.

Individual profiles are available here: http://www.creativealliance.org.uk/who-we-are/

The director, Noel Dunne, has a more in depth Linked In profile here



RIO Schools Service

We exist to support schools, enabling them to make learning real and purposeful so that the next generation are ready for their future.

We believe in learning that is real, purposeful and contextualized. “Challenge based learning, project based learning, real world learning”. Learning that connects, learning that impacts and learning that inspires.
We know that this type of learning requires a new business model. We support schools to generate income in new ways, start new learning ventures, and to market and communicate themselves differently so that they are more resilient and better equipped to deliver real and purposeful learning.

From designing learning to embedding the curriculum in innovative ways, and from generating unrestricted income to helping to recruit and retain students, RIO can help your education setting stay ahead of the curve. Explore our case studies and contact us to find out how we can support you.

All our schools will also enjoy membership of the Whole Education NetworkBest Practice Network and Schools of Tomorrow.

In addition we enjoy excellent links with local universities including Birmingham, Keele, Warwick and Wolverhampton.