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Our Values


To help us fulfil our purpose, we have a number of core values that drive all that we do. These serve as our guiding principles that help us navigate and should be nurtured for their own sake. We believe that our values stand the test of time and allow us to stay true to our purpose. They become our lodestar.

Our values are built around five key beliefs (or tenets) based on the Latin word FIDES, the ancient Roman goddess of trust (as in to confide). Fides was also the guardian of good faith (bona fide) and honesty. Her temple on the Capitol was where the Senate of the Roman Empire signed and kept state treaties and new laws, and where Fides protected them over two thousand years ago. The verb ‘to trust’ therefore underpins all that we do.

FIDES therefore helps us ensure that the organisational behaviours across the family of schools are consistent and of the highest standard.

We expect all our academy councillors (and trustees) to abide by these values, especially when making difficult decisions. For example, if grappling with a decision around how best to improve pupil well-being, councillors need to ensure their decision embraces the latest innovations whilst at the same time having the highest expectations in regard to insisting on excellence. Every time you visit your school, as you go home you need to ask yourself, ‘what have I done today that was courageous, brilliant and kind?’


Focus on family


Insist on excellence


Do good as you go


Embrace innovation


Seize success

TRUST US – making our values happen

Values are at the heart of everything we do at Victoria Academies. So much so, that in March 2015, a staff changemaker team was established to produce this publication that aims to capture and define our five core values. Taking inspiration from the Latin word ‘to trust’, FIDES underpins all that we do; the way we act, behave and engage with each other.

‘Trust Us’ helps us to do just that: To provide all staff, especially joiners, guidance on how we do things. It becomes our moral compass and guides us when making difficult decisions or when under stress. More importantly, this publication is a blueprint for success as it helps us to become the best we can be.

Written and produced by a team of fifteen members of staff from across the MAT, Trust Us was launched at our inaugural ‘StandingOut’ conference in February 2016. It will be the first of a series of publications and we are already working on the follow-up, Trust Us Too , written by our student changemakers.

        Loyalty by Focusing on family
        Tenacity by Insisting on excellence
        Kindness by Doing good as you go
        Courage by Embracing innovation
        Brilliance by Seizing success


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