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Our Offer

By working together as a family of schools that share the same values and core beliefs, we aim to build a partnership of exceptional academies that are continually self-improving. As independent academies, Victoria schools will share resources, best practice and expertise to ensure all our pupils receive a world-class education. We aim to create schools of tomorrow that relish the freedoms of greater autonomy whilst enjoying the benefits of membership of a family of like-minded schools.

There are two main levels of academy membership of the trust:

Partner (Supporting): This is for schools that are already performing well and are judged to be good or outstanding. You may already be a single converter academy wanting to join a MAT or a maintained school and want us to manage the conversion process for you. As a supporting school you will want to play a key role in supporting other academies in the trust as a key partner. You are likely to be entirely self-governing at the local level and will enjoy high levels of autonomy as per the scheme of delegation.

Sponsor (Supported): This is for schools in a formal category and includes RI and those is special measures, most likely already in possession of an Academy Order. Regardless, the trust will oversee the academy conversion process and ensure that you receive all the necessary intensive support to improve rapidly. We aim for all Sponsor schools to become Partners within two years and to provide the necessary support for any new Sponsored academies joining the trust.

If you are interested in joining the trust, please click here to contact us. If you would rather speak to the chief executive, please contact the team on 0121 558 8701.