Trust us to create stand-out schools.

Creating stand-out schools

We want all our academies to stand-out as exceptional schools that celebrate diversity and commit to excellence. Schools that truly stand-out deliver a world class education and become the blueprint for the schools of tomorrow.

A NICER curriculum

Available only in Victoria academies, the innovative NICER curriculum guarantees that ‘pupils bubble over with excitement when talking about the things they learn’ (Ofsted Report). Created by the staff and pupils the NICER curriculum ensures ‘a continual stream of memorable experiences…’

Let RIP learning!

Where child-initiated learning is real, immersive and powerful. We strive to ensure that all our children yearn to learn in schools where lessons are not only irresistible and inspiring, but purposeful and fun.

Collaborate to innovate

By collaborating with a wide range of partners, such as Creative Alliance, Real Ideas Organisation, RM and Microsoft we can ensure that we continue to innovate and enrich the curriculum by bringing learning to life.

Digital lead learners

We are passionate about teaching our children to become 21st century lead learners who are resilient and resourceful. We strive to drive digital fluency so that the latest technology enriches and enhances cutting-edge teaching and learning.

Social enterprise

Three simple words lie at the heart of our challenge-based social enterprise curriculum: People. Planet. Profit. By teaching children to be enterprising and making a difference to their world we are producing a highly skilled workforce of the future. These are the learners of today and leaders of tomorrow.


Centrally based at the Ofsted Outstanding Victoria Park Academy in Smethwick, gain QTS and PGCE in a dynamic environment which has pioneered knowledge-led teaching and learning in a truly inspirational setting.

Welcome to Victoria Academies Trust

Victoria Academies is a six-school primary only multi-academy trust established on 1st January 2014. Led by our chief executive, Andrew Morrish, we are aiming to build a family of like-minded schools who share our passion for purposeful, immersive and creative learning. Our mission as an organisation (and the reason we exist) is to make our people become the best we can be. Our core objective – both as a sponsor and as a trust – is to become a transformative family of schools that are continuously self-improving. Quite simply, we want our academies to be world-class centres of excellence and innovation.

Having been transformed from special measures to outstanding in exactly 1000 days, our DfE-approved sponsor school (Victoria Park Academy) brings a unique understanding of the challenges schools face in transforming the life chances of the families we serve. Our academies will have the highest expectations of our pupils ensuring they stand out as powerful learners and future leaders. Our values serve us well as we continue to focus on family, insist on excellence, do good as we go, embrace innovation and seize success. Academies that join the trust are expected to show a clear commitment to these values.

We are a unique trust. We are entirely independent and consist solely of like-minded schools that share a passion for innovation. We are committed to enabling each individual school to flourish with a high degree of autonomy whilst at the same time providing a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Now go out and change the world. — Walt Disney