Our Approach to Professional Development

Our Approach to Professional Development

Professional Development at Victoria Academies Trust

At Victoria Academies Trust we believe that continued professional development is at the heart of high-quality teaching and learning. With a strong belief in training, research and sharing good practice, we link with those practitioners and influencers on the cutting edge of education. 

‘Be the best you can be’ is our strap line and fundamental to our strategy for personal development. We aim for all our people to be the best they can, with access to ongoing training and development suitable for their individual needs. 

We do this by carefully combining our offer of internal, external and nationally accredited training as well as wide spanning network opportunities. 

In order to achieve this, we have a CPD development model which ensures that any member of our team who is ready for the next step in their career and wants to develop, receives targeted training and support to enable them to do this.

The Hive

We call our CPD model ‘The Hive’. There are 5 elements to the hive, each with its own menu of training and development to choose from. This ensures that we provide, not only high-quality training, but also training that is personalised and role specific.

Training and development opportunities are managed by the VAT CPD team who also ensure high levels of quality assurance.  

Our CPD Partners

We are proud to be delivery partners with Best Practice Network and provide local face to face and blended training programmes for Early Career Teachers, and a range of National Professional Qualifications. These are open to all schools, not just our Trust schools. We enjoy working with a wide range of Primary, Special and Secondary Schools in our region. Click the links to find out more and apply.

We not only provide employees access to over 300 TT Education courses and training, we also provide all employees access to CPD tracker. This tracker records all training and development and hosts a CPD calendar so employees can clearly see what training is coming up. 

All employees have access to this dynamic network of schools, trusts and organisations. The network not only provides space and opportunity to share and develop practices but also access to experts and CPD.