Being Part of Our Trust

Being Part of Our Trust

Be a child at Victoria Academies Trust

Be a colleague at Victoria Academies Trust

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At Victoria Academies Trust, we want our pupils, our families and our colleagues to be the best they can be.  Wellbeing is always high on our agenda, if our people feel safe, happy and well, we know that this will support us to be the best we can be.

As a Trust, learning for all is so important to us. We believe that our pupils have the right to access a continual stream of learning experiences that are Real, Immersive and Purposeful. In order to enable this, all our schools ensure that their curriculum is based on the principles of NICERour unique and bespoke challenge-based learning framework.

For our colleagues, our ’Pathways’ bespoke Professional Learning and Development model puts staff in control of their own continued and self-professional development.

We want our people ‘To Be The Best They Can Be’ and are committed to ensuring that we prioritise the wellbeing and development  of Colleagues. Our People Strategy is an important part of this work.

Our offer to pupils, colleagues and schools joining us fits with our mission ‘to make our people the best they can be’ and builds on our FIDES values as a Trust.

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