Sharron Philpot
Chief Executive Officer

We are a Multi Academy Trust operating across the West Midlands. Currently we are a family of nine primary schools across five local authorities. Our tenth school, Elm Tree Primary Academy is due to open in September 2022. This will be a special school for autistic children based in Sandwell. Our eleventh school, Austin Park Primary Academy is currently in the planning stage and will be a two form entry school in Worcestershire.

Victoria Academies Trust exists to make all of our people the best they can be. Everything we do is designed to serve the needs of our children, school communities and colleagues.

We want our people to be brilliant, kind and courageous, to be aspirational for themselves and others. Quite simply, we want our people to just be the best they can be.

To find out more about Victoria Academies Trust, including what it is like to be a pupil, colleague or school joining us, see our online prospectus here.

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