The Trust operates on a hub model consisting of a number of local academies, each with their own headteacher and academy council (local governing body). Each hub is overseen by an executive headteacher who ensures consistency of approach, strategic alignment, challenge and support. The headteacher of each academy retains legal control and is listed as such on GIAS. In some cases (such as schools that we sponsor), we may operate a head of school model with the executive headteacher assuming substantive and legal headteacher duties.

The Board of Trustees has full responsibility and control of the trust as constituted by its Articles of Association. In short, all governance flows from the Trust board and serves as the clearing house and ultimate decision-making authority on all matters. The Trust board is responsible for ensuring that high standards of corporate governance are maintained. It will exercise its powers and functions with a view to fulfilling a largely strategic role in the running of its academies. 

In terms of local governance, it delegates a number of decisions to individual academy councils whose main priority is to focus on the core business of children, culture and community. Each council will draw its membership from the local community and must always include at least two elected parents and two members of staff in addition to the headteacher. All academy councillors are appointed by the Trust board following recommendation, including the Chair and Vice-chair.

Number of employees whose total benefits exceeded £100k

For the financial year ending 31 August 2020 there were no employees whose total benefits exceeded £100,000.