Executive and Core Teams

Meet Our Teams

In addition to our individual teams within schools, we have an executive and core team within the Trust.

Executive Leadership Team
Sharron Philpot

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Kirby

Chief Operating Officer

Kate Tewley

Director of Schools

Hayley Mapp

Director of Schools

Education Core Services Team

Non-Education Core Services Team

Head of Teaching and Learning

Louise Fowler

Head of Curriculum

Lisa Worgan

Head of Assessment

David Brewin

Head of EYFS

Nicky Clements

Head of SEND

Anna Painter

Head of Behaviour

Jess Newington

Educational Psychologist

Helen Chaplin

Education Welfare Officer

Vicky Clarke

Head of Finance

Joe Tewley

Head of IT Networks

Richard Barnett

Head of Estates

Chris Masters

Head of Governance

Roland Roberts

Finance Team

Susan Harrington
Jake Rackham
Susan Parker
Shakirah Ghaffar